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I'll try to explain why it's important for me.
I did a config for every games and i managed to set cd32 joypad
for every cd32 games but my joypads died and i recieve new joypads in gift but they aren't the same...
With a normal amiga game no problem, i press a joypad button and the joypad is set directly (default) but with my cd32 games, i press the joypad and it is set but like a basic joystick , i think it could more appreciate if winuae set this joypad for the cd32 not 2 buttons joystick.
With the quick start cd32 config, it works, but not with the configs i did long ago. Perhaps it's because my joypads change that the setting was changed, i think it's that. If winuae set cd32 joypad even when you change your kind of joypad, i'll be happy already.
In fast you did a config 10 years ago, you joypad is broken, you change the model of joypad and the setting is away, . 3 solutions, i do again every cd32 games (but a new joypad will reset it), the setting by default go to cd32 pad when the bios or a cd32 game is used or if a joypad is set cd32, when change you joypad it keeps the cd32 settings.
ps: If still needed i could post some logs or configs, as you which.
Thank you to take the time to read this , there is plenty better things to do for winuae, but you know my wife and my daughter still play amiga games but don't ask her to make the settings they are unaware of how to do this and i'm not always there to help.
edited : I promise, next time i'll make a draft of my post and i'll try to shorten it !
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