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Originally Posted by Heywood View Post
There are quite a few possibilities this could open up such as an arexx/restapi IPC bridge (not sure what kind of problem that might actually solve but the concept sounds interesting)
Yes, it does, it could open all kinds of possibilities for integration, using the Amiga as front-end/user-interface for RaspberryPi, and easily give the Amiga access to "modern life" services. For example, the shared filesystem, that is directly usable from the Amiga, can also (wholly or partly) be synchronised to cloud storage, git repos etc. An AREXX port could give the Amiga a peek into the systemd/dbus/whatever message/notification system of the Linux running on the Pi, which then could trigger things to happen on the Amiga. I do some dirty tricks for such things to happen, using named pipe files ("sockets") on shared filesystems, but with proper implementation, this could be done a lot cleaner
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