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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Impressive, the concept of the pi "owning" the chipram opens a world of opportunities, like you demonstrate with the videoplayer - maybe the videoplayer already does this.. an Amiga program that opens an intuition "pi screen" (or more?), to which the pi can write whatever it wants (and maybe take input too, when screen is "active"?). I am imagining lamiga-n to flip between Amiga programs and among them, "pi" screens, maybe even draggable...
Yes this is how the video player works. It uses normal Amiga screens, so they are draggable and can move to front/back, and have multiple open at the same time, as seen in this screenshot: The menu bars used for dragging the screens are there but not rendered, due to the SCREENQUIET flag in the NewScreen structure:

If you come to think of some other cool application of this (that the RPi can read and write directly to chip mem) then please do let us know!

Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Btw - I suppose there's nothing preventing similar hardware for the A600 trapdoor?
We haven't really discussed the possibility of A314 for A600, but if the signals on the expansion port are the same, and a RPi fits inside the A600, then I suppose it should be doable.
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