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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Right. I do this too, using rsh, and my command is RPi, but pretty much the same.
I'm not quite clear on how your setup works, but perhaps one difference (?) is that on A314 there is also a shared file system, so I can do the following from a CLI:

1.PiDisk:> pi pwd
1.PiDisk:> makedir test
1.PiDisk:> cd test
1.PiDisk:test> pi pwd
1.PiDisk:test> pi vc ../helloworld.c -o hello
1.PiDisk:test> hello
Hello World!
So the Linux command is invoked in the RPi directory corresponding to the PiDisk-directory that you are standing in. This is also seen in this screenshot (that also shows the workbench being remoted to a web browser): Perhaps this is also handled by your script?

Another thing that the pi command does is that if you are running an interactive program (for example midnight commander, using "pi mc") and then you resize the CLI window, then the pty terminal size on the RPi is also updated so that the drawing is adjusted to fit the new size (as seen in these two images:

Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Another thing I was playing with last summer, was an arexx module for DOpus Magellan that via the RPi script, runs ansible and kubectl on the pi to create and control remote vhost instances and kubernetes clusters from DOpus Magellan... crazy fun )
Indeed, lots of fun to be had
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