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Originally Posted by Niklas View Post
Of course there are many features that could be implemented without access to chip mem, so a Zorro version could still be interesting.

The feature I find most useful is that the AmigaDOS command line is extended with the commands from the RPi bash, so for example I can do "pi wget<file>" to download a file to the shared file system, and then go ahead and unpack and run those files.
Right. I do this too, using rsh, and my command is RPi, but pretty much the same.
(and my script accepts a TO/K so you can for example do 'RPi TO RAM:test "curl -sL<file>"', maybe a feature for you to implement in "pi" as well)

Some time ago I put some of my scripts on gitlab, feel free to use for inspiration, or criticise or whatever

PS: and if you look at the "Aminet" script, you notice how I use a zsh-function on the pi to generate amigaguide from aminet INDEX/RECENT files, for example...
Execute S:RPi TO "${_RCURL} ${AMINET}/RECENT | zsh -l -c aminet2guide"
(I just checked my s:shell-startup, I have more than 20 aliases that uses the RPi script, to access git, ssh, curl, slack, kubectl, vagrant etc directly from Amiga shell, so super useful.
Another thing I was playing with last summer, was an arexx module for DOpus Magellan that via the RPi script, runs ansible and kubectl on the pi to create and control remote vhost instances and kubernetes clusters from DOpus Magellan... crazy fun )

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