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Originally Posted by Dastardly View Post
Great story. A lot of it mirrors my own journey to an Amiga back in 1990. It was too expensive to ask for as a Christmas present, so I saved and saved, but realistcally I wasn't getting very far. Long story short, a twist of fate saw me come in to some money. £400 exactly and no prizes for guessing where that went!

June I think it was, 1990 and the Amiga 500 Batpack was mine. The greatest of all the packs. Batman the Movie, Interceptor and Newzealand Story were/are amazing. Also in there was Deluxe Paint II, which I poured hours and hours in to. I'm now a graphic designer and put it all down to Deluxe Paint.

I still own that same Amiga 500 and it still works. I'd never sell it as it holds too many memories for me. I still have the main box, but the outer sleeve is long gone. Shame.

Congrats on getting an Amiga again.
I hear you.

I have to remind myself that I only sold the Amiga as it was the only upgrade path I had financially at the time.

It's going to cost a fair bit to re-build my original collection, which is my intention.

Now there is a missing part of my story.........

Early 2000's when Amiga's were worthless, by boss at work GAVE me his old Amiga 500+, in box (not with inserts and books), with a couple of games, and it had a 2MB Ram upgrade as well.

He was just going to throw it out.

I played with it about twice.

Then that's when we chose to move to Australia, and after selling off everything we could, and giving away other stuff, anything left we took to the dump.

.....including the Amiga.

Moving country is a bloody big deal and you kind of have to unload unnecessary baggage.

I remember being conflicted as I held it's box but I was kind of in a automatic emotional detachment mode if that makes sense.

A self imposed "it's just meaningless stuff" mode.

And again I state, this was when they were worthless.

And this particular box held no personal attachment for me, as it wasn't mine originally.

I remember my dad looking questioningly at me as i held it at the dump.

Part of me hopes that I remember that day wrong. That I changed my mind and that it's in my parents loft somewhere under other crap.

I dont think it is.

That's one of the reasons I had to BUY another one. To INVEST in one. And that's why it had to be the Batman Pack.

I'm righting a wrong.
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