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Hiya guys nice work !

Anyways I burned an ISO of TZ and put in my Cd32 and it was taking a million years to load !,hmm thought to myself bad burn or crap CD`s
So forgot about it...then when I was testing a TF328 just built I had the top cover still connected but lifted away from the base....then I heard the TZ CD load and it came up perfic on the screen.. puzzled me
So tried it with cover back on and it took forever cover up loads no prob, tried this a few times and each case was the me thinks `Whats occurin` are we have a disturbance in the Force !.

Brainwave .perhaps its the Metal cover over the mobo and it is close to the CD drive when the lid is close.

Long story..longer ::
I then put some A4 paper cut to size between the metal cover and the CD drive for insulation ..closed the case and rebooted the Trucker ...and winner chicken dinner it works perfic

So to sum up, do we a ESD prob in our CD32`s ? ,I.E from commodore ..bad design ?

answers on a postcard to Hugh Mungus, letsbe Avenue, Dorksbury !!
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