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Originally Posted by roondar View Post
Without trying to restarts the semantic discussion of what envelope is being pushed exactly, I'd say it did all right for a 1984/1985 consumer oriented design.

We got roughly 7mb/sec to play with (for the whole system) and that was, as far as I can find, actually pretty good for a consumer system at that point. More so when you consider the price point.
If my RAM is 150ns i basically try and design the circuits around it to be as close to that as possible. Remembering that RAM was the most expensive thing about the machine at the time (? at least thats my recollection... correct me if im wrong. Im not trying to assert anything beyond that i once paid > £100 for a megabyte of ram upgrade)

I read a lot of rants by Sophie Wilson on the subject of early 80s machines and their failure to max their RAM and that mantra has stuck with me i guess.
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