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Originally Posted by Bruce Abbott View Post
And what did they do it with?

microprocessors used in spacecrafts

The Galileo used an RCA CPD1802, the same CPU that my first computer came with. That thing was dog slow, yet still managed to run interpreted games at an acceptable speed. How did it do it? By matching the CPU to a 64x48 pixel graphics chip with DMA RAM access, and having an efficient language that could be interpreted with little overhead.

The next computer I bought was a ZX81, which had disappointing performance despite its much more powerful Z80 processor. Why? A shockingly inefficient video display subsystem that wasted 75% of the CPU cycles, and a bloated BASIC interpreter. The CPU wasn't the problem.
Nice links. My post was designed to illustrate that when the tools arent good enough you build new tools. Comes at a price. But I spent 11 years at university in an electronics dept and that was the mantra when your kit didnt do what you wanted. you just built better kit. Most of your time was spent doing that actually.
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