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Originally Posted by Dr.Venom View Post
I guess this is because of development status, but to be sure, calling the GUI in full-screen mode causes the game screen to go black, when exiting GUI screen stays black. You have to change e.g. full-screen to full-window and back or go from scanlines to double or single line mode to get the screen to display again in full-screen mode. This doesn't happen in Full Window.
Thats the remaining big problem. I get automatic drop to minimized in this case.

Also for some unknown reason any scaling values are ignored when fullscreen opens (and calling updatebuffers() does nothing, all the parameters are exactly correct), minimizing and restoring fixes it.

Very much looking forward to the vsync implementation .

Are vsync and low latency swapchain tied to eachother, or are you planning them in two development stages?
Normal vsync comes first, LL may or may not be in next official version (because my usual deadline for new version is mid december)
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