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No, it would not help, it would be actually more painful, like D3D12, it is low level 3D API, pointless for this purpose. (2D rendering only needs 2 triangles and single texture..)

The point is not about 3D API but much better control of latency and frame flip timing (and some other nice to have things that D3D9 didn't have) which means use of DXGI and to support it, you need to use rendering API that is on top of DXGI, which requires D3D10 or newer and D3D10 is already obsolete.

D3D11 does not need Win10. It is Win7+. Also I said previously, this is from scratch implementation with all the compatibility garbage tossed out and it won't come back. Buy a new PC or keep using D3D9.

EDIT: D3D12 is Win10+ only. But both D3D11 and D3D12 are supported, D3D12 is only recommended if you really want to do everything yourself, all the details.

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