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Cat Quest!

I like difficult games - this isn't one, it's rather "casual". But it's a darned good casual game I tell you; spot on graphics, music and audio and the gameplay is simplistic yet satisfying.

It's a basic light-hearted RPG that borrows most of its elements from Zelda and Diablo. You get to button mash to defeat enemies, cast spells to defeat enemies quicker and you even get to dodge-roll in true Dark Souls style to avoid being hit. You have your bosses, your tons of side quests, your gear, your upgrades, your collectables, your hidden paths. It's all there, in one really cute package.

Side quests are generally chained so you get some progressive little storylines on the side; it's quite well done.

Item upgrades are also simplistic but nice: find the same item again and the one you already have becomes stronger. No inventory management necessary.

So why is it called Cat Quest? Well because you play a cat and basically everyone sentient around you is a cat, plus the game is full of cat-related puns (the capital is the Catpital, the east port is the East Pawt... yeah). Either you're a cat person and you keep smiling or you'll just have to tune it out

Estimated total play time: 10 hours. Not too bad for an indie title with absolutely no random generated content.


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