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YEs i am using the No Fold version, I don't want to use copy and paste. I want to edit the files in the shared WInUAE folder HD straight away.
But I thought I could open these BB2 files that I got as examples to start looking at code. I guess I have to resave them al las ASCII when I open BB2.1. Why did they do this, so annoying ;(

Thanks so much for the updated definitions, I really love N++ and wouldn't use anything else.

BTW step 5 on your how to says: "Go to %AppData%\Notepad++". The actual path, at least in my system (Win 7 Pro 64bit) is "%AppData%\Roaming\Notepad++". I am using a 32-bit version of n++ (is there a 64 bit version now?)
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