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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Well notepad assigned itself the bb2 extension, so I don't know what I am doing here.
So how am I supposed to look at all this example "code"? Only in BB2? That kinda fucking sucks, I don't want to use TED as my IDE.
Originally Posted by bippym View Post
In Blitz save the source as an ascii text file, then change the file extension to bb2 and notepad should display it..
For examples etc., save the bb2 file as ascii in TED like bippym suggested. You can also copy code from TED and paste it into N++ if you have clipboard sharing enabled (miscellaneous in WinUAE settings).

Thanks to this extension for N++ I had the patience to start using Blitz Basic 2, otherwise I don't think I would have really tried, I'm too spoiled by modern editors. I didn't want to use Amiblitz because of the FPU issues etc. If I decide to make something with BB2 it would be for the classic hardware, A500 or A1200 vanilla.

I suggest that you use the version without code folding (code folding does not work correctly with only LF for new lines files in N++ and BB2 can't handle files with CR/LF new lines). I have been using that version myself and have a fixed a few issues and added a few keywords since the last uploaded version. I will upload this version when I find the time.

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