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Amiga 600 Rack mount Case

This is story of moving my Amiga 600 into a custom made case with i managed to pick up for a tenner (£10). Looks like it was original used by RS components.

Amiga 600 V1.5 recapped, TV turner removed
3.1 ROM
A604N + RTC
Indivision ECS scandoubler
Gotek with Hxc firmware + LCD Mod
Dual IDE port
16GB mSATA to 44 pin adaptor
4GB Compact Flash Card
PCMCIA Etherlink 3C568D
PicoPSU 90 watt
Ian stedman PicoPSU Adaptor
Rys MKII Amiga USB Adaptor
SUM USB Keyboard Adaptor

A600 in original case


The case came with 2 extension cable to mount the mouse\joystick ports at the rear.

An extra hole was drill to allow for the PicoPSU power connector to be mount at the rear

The power is to be supplied direct to the motherboard. I plan to power the floppy drive and Compact Flash card reader directly from the PicoPSU.

Yes i know the soldering is not the best just hope there is no burning smell when i power it up.

The stand-off mounts are just drilled in the base of the case and fixed in place with JD Weld (Other products are available)

Network Port

I plan to use one of the rear ports for a RJ45 Ethernet port, looks like a small amount of work to widen the hole and screw holes don't match up.

Front Panel
The plan is to replace the front with a new custom panel, created with front panel designer 5.0

First draft


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