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Hi All,

I have a working AOS4.1U6 WinUAE configuration (3.3.0 beta 6). It emulates A4000 + Cyberstorm PPC.

To overcome the 128MB memory limit, I slighly modified the config to emulate a Blizzard PPC and boot hardfile from uaehf. As expected it runs fine but much slower. I did test the ppc_model=604e trick -> auto reboots once then guru meditation.

Did anyone make this trick work in order to have both the speed of cyberstorm emulation and the ram of Blizzard PPC ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

PS : Attached config & logs.
Your config works here, it boots up and load workbench and displays "AmigaOS 4.1 - Final Edition, 604e, 254MB FAST RAM, ???"
But the UAE zorro III rtg card doesnt seem to work, I can only use native resolutions. I tried selecting PicassoIV in the RTG settings, but then it fails to boot, getting HALT7.
In my cyberstormppc setup PicassoIV mode works fine, but any blizzardppc setup I have tried fail to work with rtg.
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