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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
If you try to emulate hardware that cannot possibly have worked in real life.
I do agree this hardware did not exist, but how do you know it would not have worked ? Thus how can you conclude the emulation "acts as the hardware would have acted" ?

That being said, I'm not saying there is an issue with emulation, nor asking the emulator to do this or this : I just asked if someone had it working as it is (was).

And I get answers from people who did not try but explain me it's normal... odd isn't it ?

Thanks for your feedback though !

PS: I don't remember mediator having real full PCI dma, still AFAIK WinUAE emulates it, enabling sb128 support under os41 classic. So real hardware "exists or not" is not necessarily directly related to "works or not" under emulation.

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