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Originally Posted by spudje View Post
Euh, for me, too stupid to understand. Do I need to install this on HDDs/CFs instead of the pfs3aio_handler and still use the same id?
Yes, name isn't same just because I wanted it to be shorter when typing it in old hdtoolbox versions

So I understood wrongly (some of your other posts in a different thead, regarding USB CF adapters) when I thought the bug was in WinUAE, not in PFS3AIO?
It was bug in PFS3 (not just pfs3aio but all pfs3 versions since ages ago). It usually only happened in emulation because it is easier and much faster to copy or unpack thousands of files in emulation.

Originally Posted by ShK View Post
@toni. If the max partition size was 104*253*253*32 = 213 021 952 blocks, how is it now?
104*253*253*32 = ~104G (original, 1k bitmap blocks, header + 253 long words)
104*509*509*32 = ~421G (2k blocks, header + 509 long words)
104*1021*1021*32 = ~1693G (4k blocks, header + 1021 long words)

(This is now much more clearly defined in struct.h)

There is always chance of some 32-bit calculation overflows in very large partitions but up to 421G mode should be safe. Testing huge partition sizes takes far too much time...
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