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Originally Posted by earok View Post
I've published 1.2 updates, though they're not yet on the site you can download them here.

Broadly speaking, they address four issues:
- Automatic detection of CD32 pad
- Prevents keyboard/mouse interfering with workbench
- Timing tweaks on level 2
- Cleanly quit on crash (hopefully!)

If I've stuffed anything up in the republished versions, please let me know and I'll publish again!

OCS and CD32 ISO:!FixlAboS!_6aPPAvvC...ZibbUMbfPQeZEs

AGA (4x Speed CD-ROM) ISO:!higDXBBD!kFhIdPv37...gUqp_DI3k66m-k

OCS Workbench LHA:!wv5nlDRD!k1TbzLFe6...mPElEnAZz9ed80

AGA Workbench LHA:!IuhBTDZD!akhwLeI28...lW-cDZU2Leo6tA

Oh, I didn't see this . Thanks very much . Now running the update on my CD32 and next in my MiST


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