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Originally Posted by themagicm View Post it doesnt have a "directory browser" that lets me select images via gui, correct? BTW, bad ass job on FS-UAE.. E-UAE GUI crapped out on my Linux Mint 13 distro and yours showed up right on time..
Correct, it hasn't got builtin directory browsing -I'm prioritizing working on the launcher

Originally Posted by Foul View Post
Something has changed between 1.3.9 andd 1.3.10 .. same config but everything speedup .. i'm launching RSI Megademo par exemple and everything is faassssttt
Using 'SUPER' configuration? If so, try with A4000/040, if not post config file!

Originally Posted by Rissol View Post
Hi, First of all congrats on this amazing amiga emulator, im on mac, and its the best by far.

Im using the laucher to configure and play the games, what i would like to ask, is what is the configuration file the laucher uses and where is located, i have been search for it and cant find it. Looked at the laucher package, and on teh FS-EMU folder and nothing, this question is because i have noticed that the laucher dont use my default.fs-uae that is located at the emu folder configurations. Thks.
Thanks, glad you like it! The launcher does not store any config nor read any config settings yet. It creates a temporary config before launching FS-UAE which is later thrown away. But the launcher is quite young yet, and it will definitely get the ability to load config files, have persistent configuration (and set custom options) soon
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