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Originally Posted by Speedvicio View Post
Hello Frode.
I just tested the new option "low_latency_vsync" and actually made the video appear smoother.
Would not it be better to implement this last option in the already existing "video_sync"?
Well, it is a sub-option, and only valid when already running with full video sync. With buffer flips synced to vblank only, or no video sync, it has no effect (the reason it is a separate option is to have to work alongside video_sync=auto...).

Actually, the low latency vsync is how full vsync probably should work by default. In this mode, an Amiga frame is emulated and then afterwards it is immediately uploaded to the GPU and rendered. Though the emuiation and rendering are always performed in separate threads, in this case it works more like single thread since the rendering thread waits while the frame is emulated, and a new frame is not emulated until the previous has been shown on screen.

With the existing (and still default, for now) behavior, the Amiga frame is emulated in parallel while the previous frame is uploaded and rendered. This allows more time to be used to emulate the frame while still allow vsync, but effectively introduces a 20ms of extra latency since the renderer is always one frame behind.

So, It should ideally not make the video smoother, only decrease the latency (And if the computer is a bit slow, the low latency vsync will decrease performance). But I have seen some occasional stuttering in *window mode* on Gnome 3 with compositing, so it is possible the compositing process makes vsync somewhat unreliable (and with Compiz/nVIDIA on Ubuntu 12.04, it is completely broken!), but this problem may be less noticable when emulation and rendering are run serially. Or of course, there is a fs-uae bug in the swapping logic - but I haven't been able to reproduce the same occasional stuttering in full-screen mode

Originally Posted by Speedvicio View Post
There is a problem with theme, FS_UAE load only ubuntu theme, 1084x_night_wall_white_1.0 will not load, this problem occurs only on Linux version and not on Window version of the emulator.
Well, at least the following command:
fs-uae --theme=/home/frode/Desktop/1084x_night_wall_white_1.0
works perfectly fine here, please post the log file and I'll have a look!
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