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Originally Posted by Speedvicio View Post
Yes two are OCS games , i do not know why but are the ones that usually create major framerate issues also with WinUAE and WinFellow on windows, and the same happens on linux.
Well, if you only have framerate issues with these two games, then I don't see it have anything to do with ATI/OpenGL drives, etc. If you are running these in a fastest possible mode (etc), the games may just be incompatible with this (this thread may be related: . Try with a more compatible configuration? If you after testing a bit more think there is a bug in FS-UAE, please create a new thread with configuration files and logs

Originally Posted by Speedvicio View Post
The problem on linux is the parameter, i have try:

--uae_gfxcard_size = 32 (is not recognized)

the parameters must is without space (and finally work):

Yes, this is normal, and all command line parameters must be passed this way... (only in the configuration file can you have spaces around = )
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