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FS-UAE 1.1 Development Series

1.1.x is the new development series, and will live alongside the stable 1.0.x series. All new development is focused on the 1.1.x versions, and 1.0.x will receive important bug fixes only.

And here is the first development version - Version 1.1.0:

* Picasso 96 / UAEGFX support.
* Support mounting CD images with the new builtin CDFS system from WinUAE.
* Rendering system updated, more efficient *and* more compatible rendering.
* Added A4000/040 model, running in fastest possible mode.
* Support file system file names with non-ASCII (Latin-1) characters.
* A1200 with accuracy < 1 runs with approximately A1200 speed and can now also be used in net play mode.
* New system for accuracy option.
* BSD socket emulation is not currently disabled also on Linux/Mac (needs updated code to work).
* Use filesys threads (faster file system) when not in netplay mode.
* Process filesys packets after variably delay depending on operation.
* Updated UAE code to WinUAE 2.4.0


* A1200 models are now always running in approximately A1200 speed, no matter the accuracy setting. A1200 with accuracy < 1 is significantly faster than with accuracy = 1.

* The Picasso 96 / UAEGFX implementation is quite fresh and is not very optimized. It works very well for me. If you use the SUPER model, it is automatically enabled. In other cases, you must enable it with the option "uae_gfxcard_size", for instance:
uae_gfxcard_size = 8
to enable it with 8MB RAM. Official options to configure UAEGFX will be added later.

* There is an ugly hack in this version. When entering RTG mode, the Amiga switches to NTSC mode (does anyone know why?) even though the RTG resolutions were 50Hz, and FS-UAE does not like this currently... - The ugly hack in this version is to ignore writes to BEAMCON0, thus preventing NTSC mode switch (so NTSC mode will not work in this version).

* BSD socket emulation is not included in this version due to changes in UAE code.

Download it here:

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