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Received a fake and copied OS 3.9

Hello amigans,

On 2005 I had bought an original copy of OS 3.9 at Vesalia but I had lost the CD Cover! You could imagine what this means for a collector like me!
I wanted to have cd and label too so I cannot but use ebay to find one!
So 10 days ago I was followin an aution on eBay of a still sealed Amiga OS 3.9 CD.
The big surprise arrived today. I have found a small package in my post box and when I opened it I realized that I wasted something like 40 euros for a counterfeit Amiga OS 3.9 CD.
The disk and it's label have been done with a deskjet printer!

What can I do?
What should I do know?

By now I only send an email to him and open a procedure on paypal since I used paypal to pay him but this has been a fraud! Isn't it?

What can I do? Help me please!!! I am mad and at the same time scared!
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