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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Yes, you cannot have both... in WinUAE if you have "Wait for Blitter" and then select "Immediate Blitter", "Wait for Blitter" gets disabled.

I've never used FS-UAE but there must be a line for "Wait for Blitter"?

Looking at Frode's example, I'd hazard a guess:

uae_waiting_blits = true
Set this to "false"
Ah, yes, you're right. Waiting blits are actually automatically disabled, but I didn't see the warning in the dev version I'm running ATM

There is indeed an uae_waiting_blits option, so by adding both you should avoid the warning:

uae_immediate_blits = true
uae_waiting_blits = disabled
(Note that uae_waiting_blits have several valid values, and the option to turn it off is disabled)
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