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History of the Super League

After the success of the games competition on the Lemon64 forum in 2003, the same idea came to Lemon Amiga. Beginning in March 2005, organised by The Dark Prince, games were played roughly once a month with no specific schedule. This Lemon Amiga Compo continued for three years, later run by mihcael from September 2006, and then Biscuit from July 2007.

In May 2007, Graham Humphrey started the EAB Games League on the English Amiga Board. It ran a new game every three weeks, playing a total of 10 that year. While there were two competitions happening at the same time numerous players took part in both. Particularly when the two forums coincidentally played Project-X at the same time.

Spurred on by the cross over of the competitions, a discussion about joining them together began in August 2007 and soon after was agreed by the players. It was a player, VermillioN (later known as ED-209), who first uttered the name Super League. The moderators Biscuit, Graham Humphrey, and mihcael designed the first season.

The Super League began in January 2008 with a line up of 15 games over three legs. The original format introduced three special rounds where two games were played and the voting narrowed by categories such as public domain games, year, and alphabet.

Over time a lot of small changes were made. The number of legs was reduced to two. An online scoring application was made by mihcael for the 2014 season. The championship points system changed in 2014 and again in 2018. Open rounds were introduced. From 2016 lifeschool created a variety of additional themed rounds including magazine, mystery and genre. The team battle ended after the 2020 season.

There were also changes to the moderators. In August 2013 Biscuit stopped moderating on Lemon Amiga, leaving mihcael and Graham Humphrey to take over duties until March 2014, when lifeschool became the latest addition to the mod team. Graham Humphrey stepped down at the end of the 2017 season. Lifeschool then became the lead mod, with john4p moderating EAB from 2018-2019. After running the Super League with assistance from john4p in 2020, lifeschool announced he was handing over to Biscuit for the 2021 season.

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