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The Knockout!

The Knockout takes place after the Super League season has ended.

It consists of 4 rounds over a total of 5 weeks. Players who enter should be prepared to play in every round if they can keep beating their opponents.

Voting lasts 2 weeks and ends 1 week before the beginning of the tournament.

You vote as normal from the games that were played in the preceding Super League season.

The top 4 games are played. The game with the most votes is played in the first round, and so on.

The Knockout starts with a qualifying round open to anyone that would like to take part.

The top 8 players from the qualifying round go on to the player versus player rounds. Quarter finals, semi finals, and a grand final with a third place playoff. Each of these rounds last 1 week.

Due to the shorter length of the rounds, sometimes the way a game is played is altered to be quicker.
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