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Super League Rules and Info

Welcome to the Super League

What is it?
An Amiga games league that is run on the Lemon Amiga and EAB forums. We play a different game roughly every three weeks.

How do I play?
Use either a real Amiga or an emulator and post a screenshot of your score. A good introduction to Amiga emulation can be found here. If you need help getting setup, ask in the game thread and someone will answer your question. All the important rules are at the start of each thread and it's very easy to get involved.

What Can We Play?
Games are played for high scores. We make every effort to include as many games as possible. Sometimes by creating new scoring methods for games without a traditional high score. Feel free to suggest games that may not have been considered before.

Do I have to play every game?
Play as many or as few games as you like. A large part of what makes the Super League fun is chatting about the games and having new experiences together. The championship points just add some spice.


The Super League consists of 14 rounds. Starting on the second Sunday of January and ending at the start of December. You can see the current schedule further down this thread.


Voting for the following round's game(s) lasts 2 weeks and ends 1 week before the round starts. This allows time to decide any game specific rules that may be needed. The only exception to this is round 1 voting takes place directly before the season starts.

You need to get your vote in by 23:59 (UK Timezone) on the last day. Please be aware of international time differences.

The previous 44 games played cannot be voted for. A list will be provided.

Edited votes will not be counted. Only change your vote if a moderator asks you to.

Vote for up to 5 games and rank them 1 to 5.

Try to choose games that are suitable for competition play. If you want to play a game which has an unfair scoring system due to random elements or re-spawning enemies, ask about it in the voting thread. Everyone can discuss ideas to make a fair way to play it competitively.

If a game comes in ECS and AGA versions, please state your preference in your vote. In the event the versions differ gameplay-wise, the version with most votes will be played. ECS is the default if you don't specify.

Each vote for a game gives it 10 points. The game(s) with the most points will be played.

In the event of a tie, the game with the most 1st place votes will be played. If it is still a tie then the most 2nd place votes will win, and so on.

For very long or multi event games we might decide to only play part of the game. Everyone is welcome to voice an opinion on this in the voting threads so a consensus can be reached before the round starts.

There are numerous themed rounds throughout the season that narrow the choice of games for voting. Some previous themed rounds are Alphabet, Back Catalogue, Coin Op Conversions, Film Licenses, Franchise, Genre, Magazine, Mystery, Never Played, Non Human Mammal Protagonists, Public Domain Games, Sequels and Year.

Game Rounds

Rounds begin on Sundays at the start of the day (UK Timezone), although the thread will normally be posted at the earliest convenience during the day.

Most rounds are 3 weeks long. Except for two double rounds that are 4 weeks long.

In a double round two games are played.

Any game specific rules will be in the first post.

To submit a score post a screenshot of it and write the score nearby.

All scores submitted must have been played/achieved during that round.

Championship Points

The league uses a Super 7 scoring system.

1st = 20 pts
2nd = 17 pts
3rd = 15 pts
4th = 13 pts
5th = 12 pts
6th = 11 pts
7th = 10 pts

Points for lower positions are determined by the players score compared to the 7th place score.

90% or better = 10 pts
80% or better = 9 pts
70% or better = 8 pts
60% or better = 7 pts
50% or better = 6 pts
40% or better = 5 pts
30% or better = 4 pts
20% or better = 3 pts
10% or better = 2 pts
less than 10% = 1 pts

The scores are calculated and stored in an online database created and maintained by Mihcael.

Players that finish the game and post a screenshot as proof will receive a completion star.

The Rules of Play

If you cheat you will get banned. And people won't like you. The Super League largely runs on trust and there is no reason to cheat. Remember, it's just for fun.

Posted scores must have been played during the round with no use of trainers, save-states, passwords or cheats. Using a refresh rate of at least 50Hz (default). No continues unless a game specific exemption is made. No infinite score leeching.

Players can practice however they like.

Auto fire is allowed, unless an agreed exception is made for specific games.

Modern controllers and remapping keys is allowed.

Stay hydrated.

If you suspect someone of cheating please report it to the Super League moderator - Biscuit. Do not make accusations in the game thread.

For any further questions, ask in an active game thread and someone will be happy to help.

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