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New FS-UAE macOS user! Works great—a few questions?

Holy crap!

So I just installed FS-UAE (which was literally a one-click install) on my late-2012 MacBook Pro Core i7/16GB laptop and IT WORKS! I just threw the Kickstart 3.1 ROM-image, Workbench 3.1 ADFs, and select application ADFs into their respective FS-UAE directories (i.e., "Kickstarts," "Floppies," "Hard Disk"), all just from the macOS Finder, and voila!

And, my beloved old AI software, Magellan 1.1 WORKS! This expert system software (not Opus Magellan) is kind of the whole reason I wanted an Amiga again—to run this one app—but now I can run it on a MacBook Pro laptop! Woohoo!

There's one Magellan results-window which doesn't display properly (text overlaid upon other screen-text) but it doesn't crash the program and the UI is still mostly readable (most other screens display correctly). Otherwise, Magellan 1.1 appears fully functional in the FS-UAE environment!

I haven't run this application since 1989, so this is quite a trip!

For more than a decade (actually, three of 'em), I thought I'd never see this app running again, and FS-UAE's 2.8.3 emulation seems pretty stable on macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. Surprisingly, Magellan 1.1 is running on Kickstart 3.1 ROM-images, in emulation no less (Magellan 1.1 wouldn't run on my old Amiga A2000HD system after I upgraded it to 3.1 ROMs—Magellan only ran when Kickstart 1.3 ROMs were installed, so there must've been some other incompatibility).

If FS-UAE can run my other multimedia apps (e.g., AmigaVision, Scala, Hyperbook, etc.), I won't need to buy a PC laptop to run WinUAE at all.

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