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Originally Posted by xboxown View Post
Alright - cracks fingers - I guess this is my next project then!! - deep sigh - I guess I have no choice but to do it myself then!! I suppose a man gotta to do what a man gotta to do, not rely on people and do it himself!

Tell me when you are finished with the engine and show me the scripts, I will simply learn in the meantime AmiBlitz and practice writing MUI applications left and right.....once I mastered I can simply write my own Application to convert everything into a script .txt file where the engine can read it on the fly.

Aaaah.....- deepest sigh possible - ooooo well.
Here's the thing.

The Scorpion Compiler relies on a few different components which would make porting to a graphical Amiga environment extremely difficult.

The configuration file (simply things like how fast a player or NPC can move, where level files are etc) is probably something that could be driven by a graphical user interface.

There's the Ink-based scripting language that controls events, dialogue, menus and such. Ink is one of the most simple scripting languages out there, but like any language it'd be difficult to turn it into something purely visual.

Then there's the animations, which are created with the Spriter Beta (only on Windows). Fortunately, the spriter file format is very simple so a replacement app could be written, but it'd still be another thing to take care of.

The levels are created with Tiled, which is fortunately open source, but I can't imagine how difficult it'd be to port to OS3.

And finally there's the compiler, which puts it all together - serializes the configuration file and all of the Spriter animations to raw bytes, turns all of the images from source PNGs to raw bitplanes, and compiles the Ink script to bytecode.

I think, to be honest, if you're really keen on keeping your development environment purely Amiga, it may be best to look at something like Redpill or creating something from scratch.
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