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Originally Posted by earok View Post
Cheers Malko I hope I can eventually deliver a decent gamemaking kit!

Did a fair bit on Saturday around "block" interaction.

The setup we've got here is that we've defined a collision rectangle inside of Link's sword frame. When we do an attack, it checks the overlapping tiles to see if we've got any "blocks" (such as these bushes).

=== HITBUSH ===
~block_type = null
~dice = 2
{ dice == 1:
~block_type = rupee1
All we're doing here is, upon the bush being hit, we're setting the "type" of block to null (nothing), and doing a dice roll on a "2 sided dice" (eg, a coin - but the dice function supports any sized dice). If we get a 1, we replace the bush with a rupee.
Are the plans in the future to deliver a full functioning RPG Maker like I posted in previous page in this forum, where a person can compile a full standalone game? I am just wondering!
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