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Ahh, thanks Jack! Video above shows the latest build of the ASM engine (which came after the Backbone prototype).

You can already see the larger play area and performance which is spot on as well as other features the Backbone prototype did not include like animated gates, on-off switch functionality, entering-exiting buildings automatically, and other stuff.

Most important, the above video is a showcase for the new weapons. Specifically you can see the Pistol at the start of the video (which was not included in Backbone), the Rifle, the Machinegun with it's new spread, the AMAZING new shotgun (which is an absolute first for an Amiga game) that shoots individual pellets and has a random spread (unlike the Backbone one that shots a single projectile) and the upgraded Missile launcher with it's screen shake effect. Other weapons that are also implemented (but are not shown at this video) are the sword swings, combos and power attack, all part of the new hand to hand combat system.

Also you can see above the new control system which allows you to move while shooting in what we call "lock on direction". This is basically like the old Alien Breed "retreat" mode but in our case you can do full maneuvering besides backstep like sidestep and diagonal moving!

Disregard the video sfx completely as the ones used by the coder are just placeholders.
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