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Been playing with the textured desert floor aspect today, it's really difficult to make it not become a sea of limited colour pixels from my master copies. This is going to be tough. I am think now of changing it to a dried out desert lake bed texture as this has more cohesion in lower colour resolutions than the sand dunes.

Surprisingly it didn't look that 'flat' as I had worried and you can almost feel yourself sink into the soft sand as you watch the master animations. I will try going from 10 to 20 frames for the that's another 5 hours another day. If I was happy with it I would have posted up some animated mockups on a website I am working on for the game.

On the plus side, last night's hour spent on the logo has come up quite nice for a first draft, and I have a fantastic idea for an attract sequence too including the logo and my Starfighter sprites I am working on.

Tomorrow I will sit down and work out a nice animation tree for all frames of the Starfighter. If I can get those done, the floor done and some nice parallax clouds and mountains I can start calculating just how hard Agnus will need to be worked to achieve 25 fps in a game engine and when I finally get an Amiga I can develop on sorted out I can hit the ground running after converting it all down to IFF in Dpaint in an afternoon. I think seeing it running, even badly, on a real Amiga will really lift my spirits and spur me onto the finish line.

Did have a bit of setback today though Projector bulb died on me and the money for that is coming out of the 'goodies' budget I earmarked for Amiga tech purchases on ebay. 105 smackers, and that's if I manually swap out the bulb unit using existing parts.

Also had a fantastic idea for the even numbered bonus levels, not sure I can technically implement it though. I am thinking that there should be trench sequences....but these will be realistic rocky trenches just like on Luke Skywalker's home world. Will flesh this out a bit more in the design/storyboard I do later on. I really hope I can make it work though, think it will spice things up nicely and give your eyes a nice bit of variety.

Roll on injury lawyers cheque eh?!
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