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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
When you mount an Amiga formatted drive in WinUAE it will act exactly like on the real Amiga so HDD buffers for example will use up Ram, the bigger the drive and the more buffers the more Ram you will use.

So if you hook this drive up to a real 1mb A600 I bet the results are the same
I had this drive in my stock A600 before and it didn't eat up that much. Also, I haven't set up the buffers at all, I loaded without a startup-sequence. Nothing has been loaded.

I can try again, but pretty sure that the hard drive shouldn't eat 650KB of RAM :/ It's a 256MB drive, it is impossible, it woould mean attaching a 512MB drive to a 1MB Amiga would render it useless and that defies logic.

[edit] I just remembered, this might have PFS3 AIO on it, would this eat up more RAM? How can I check if it has PFS3?
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