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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
For the most part 'chipnocache' global setting works wonders on my blizzppc 040/25. no idea if its relevent to other 040 cards.

There should never be a need to set 'nocache' icon setting since this is controlled in the slave itself if the game is compatable with caches or not. although im sure there are cases where it can help but then the 040 becomes slower then a standard 500/600 then so usualy not a good option for me.

Quite alot of slowdown in Zool, but zool2 is mostly ok in game, but quite slow on title screen drawing the logo.
Tks, I will try chipnocache next weekend.

About nocache option, with a 3640 3.0 it really works - The speed is pretty much the same of a real A500, but more compatible. Some demos just don't work without nocache option. I believe same happens with games - with E-UAE with same config/Kick/Wb, found a lot that need to put nocache to run.
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