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Thanks chaoticjelly for the suggestions of people who might do it... I'll have to check with Dean, as just recently I bought a *beautiful* S-video modded Duo-R...

Thanks also to those suggesting that this might not work, of course I don't want to do this if it won't work...

My understanding from researching this heavily is that
even when using a NTSC CD32, when it plays PAL games it will switch to the PAL signal after the starting screen, and that it will output 50hz with both composite and S-video, but that RGB would work on any TV that allows for RGB input.
I got this from many sources, including the following

Unless I am misinterpreting it, the Amiga FAQ at
says that the only way to avoid the 50/60hz problem even when using the “mouse NTSC/PAL changing trick” is to either use a TV that takes both 50 and 50hz or to mod a CD32 to output RGB…

Am I misunderstanding this?

Here’s the quote:

“TVs/monitors connected to the CD32 through the French CD32's or SX-1's
or CD32x's or TP9's (see diagram at end of FAQ) RGB connector will also
work fine.

TVs/monitors connected to the CD32 through the composite or S-Video
outputs won't work though. The problem is that the PAL colour signal is
still sent at the NTSC frequency.”

My understanding is that using a NTSC CD32 will not fix this when playing PAL games,
Here is a quote on the subject:

Here is a quote from Akira on this board a few years ago:
“It goes well beyond that, some games will just not run when facing NTSC timing. It's not a matter of having your TV displaying PAL as well...

Besides, NTSC CD32s display 50Hz NTSC instead of real 50Hz PAL when playing in a "PAL mode". The color system is STIL NTSC. So you need a TV that supports 50Hz NTSC (not all of them do, I even had problems with professional projectors in demoparties)

I know, I have an NTSC A1200 and it's quite a bit incompatile with loads of shit.

I wouldn't purchase an NTSC CD32. It's not much extra money to get one from Europe. Let's keep in mind then you will need a TV that displays PAL or to conect the CD32 through RGB (needs modding)”.

If I am misunderstanding this information, please let me know....
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