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Originally Posted by Wepl View Post
Are you sure about Lotus 2? Using latest Slave?
It runs with full caches on 68060 and should also on 68040.
Yes but it now works without crashing when I tested it again just now. Lotus 2 would start fine but it always crashed just as the race started.

But I made a some changes to my A1200 tower setup over the weekend so one of them may have fixed the problem.

1. I removed my Elbox FastATA 1200 and drivers and replaced it with IDE-Fix Express instead as I was unhappy with the way my mediatorSX fitted on top of it, and I had to remove it to fit my Subway USB adapter anyway (I plan to fit it to my desktop A1200 at some point in the future). Removing it also allowed me to refit my Lyra keyboard interface with I much prefer to the elbox adapter.

2. Updated my Mediator drivers from update 3.9 to update 3.10 (I was already using Multimedia CD UP 1.26 as that was the version supplied).

3. Installed whdload 16.9 beta instead of release version 16.8.

I had not expected to have to have to set nocache as I did not require the setting with my BlizzardPPC 060 card in the past.
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