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I uploaded a new version of the Ultimate Blitz Basic 2.1+ CD with the changes below. You can use the download link in the original post.

- Updated 'Installer' to version 43.3, this fixes installation in ClassicWB and possibly
  other configurations.
- No need to select source folder when starting the installation. 
- SYS: is now the default installation directory.
- File names converted from upper case to lower case.
- SuperTED installation of the Support Suite no longer asks for FD and Autodoc paths.
- Some useful library related tools added to the 'Blitz2/tools' folder.
- Some text (language) related fixes in the NewCommandSet installer.
- NewCommandSet installer no longer asks if it should rebuild deflibs, it just does.
- Moved cd32lib.obj and ptplayer.obj to extras/blitzlibs/otherlibs
- Removed bum9b/blitzlibs/otherlibs/xbonesciatrackerlib.obj (to avoid duplicated library).
- Removed extras/blitzlibs/otherlibs/xbonesciatrklib.obj (to avoid duplicated library).
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