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Originally Posted by Antiriad_UK View Post
I don't know if something has changed on 0.18 but my breakpoints are no longer working.
Maybe the integration of the new version of vasm is in cause...
Thanks for the bat, I'll try it as soon as I can add a new breakpoint with the extension !

Originally Posted by Antiriad_UK View Post
If I download the 0.17 example bundle/bin files and roll vscode back to 0.17 the above works. Hmm. Maybe something changed in file path/debug info code and it's no longer able to resolve paths?
Going back to 0.17 is a good solution (sorry about that).
There is the new vasm/vlink and a resolution of the upper case files in debug that can mess with the breakpoint resolution, and maybe the last version of vscode has some new behavior.

Yes there is something with the breakpoints in 0.18 on windows (works on osx my dev platform). I'm still digging...
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