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Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
Have you tried without the TF? And do you still have the other RTC to try out. At least you can rule out your A500 motherboard.
The RTC in the old card works still fine (with the TF installed). I haven't tried the new card yet without the TF but I guess it would be surprising if that was the problem since the old one works - especially since this was advertised by AMIGAstore as the perfect companion for the TF

Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
It is a shame the RTC chip on your memory board is not socketed, but you can still replace it if you have the tools and skillset.
Indeed - I don't feel confident replacing it myself with my tools and skillset.

Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
However, since it is new you might want to consider returning it and getting a replacement, but you should try to rule out your A500 motherboard first.
Yes, I've already contacted AMIGAstore for advice but haven't heard back from them yet.
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