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Originally Posted by Vesuri View Post
I recently bought a version of this card from and got it installed in the 0.5MB chip + 1.5MB slow configuration. (Thanks Jope for helping debug my JP2/JP7A brainfart!) Unfortunately neither the OS or the Amiga Test Kit find the RTC on board. SetClock RESET doesn't do the trick. I've measured that the Epson RTC-72421A chip does get 3V from the battery (pins 9 and 18) but other than that I'm not sure where to look at. Any ideas what might cause the RTC not to be found?

I did have the card installed for a moment with an incorrect JP2/JP7A setup. May this have killed the RTC on the card? During the installation process the TOD part of my CIAA also died. Not sure if it's related or not.
Is this an A500 or A500+ the card is installed in?

If A500+ there is also a JP9 jumper that tells the system to look for the internal RTC (default) or the external RTC.
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