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Originally Posted by themamboman View Post
Hey, thanks for doing this. I just tried the installer and noticed a few things you might want to address:

1) I don't believe it allowed the choice of install path. Looking at the script, I found it in SYS:blitz2 - not major but someone may like to install it elsewhere depending on disk space

2) After rebooting, there was an error that reqchange.library needed to be v 6 or higher. I'm testing this on AmiKit XE, and it's version is older so I had to download the latest from Aminet and install

3) On running TED, it couldnt' find a blitz2: assigned path, might want to set that up in the installer.

Thanks again!
Thanks for the feedback! I might do this another way instead, I will look into modifying the Ultimate BB2.1 CD image directly (adding files and updating the fixed install script).
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