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New features added and a few bugs squashed! This releases puts together a few new nice features and some bugfixes.

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* Added M.I.A. bonus - clearing an arena without losing a soldier awards 1000 points.
* Increased milestone step to 30000 points.
* Reworked texts colors.
* Implemented DOUBLE/TRIPLE SCORE bonus assignment exactly as specified in the manual (i.e. when the Dmewor/Exxwor is killed with the first shot, whereas before it was when the Dmewor/Exxwor was killed when only one laser beam was shot).
* Ensured that the MILESTONE bonus is assigned immediately also when the milestone is passed thanks to the bonuses assigned after an arena has been completed (otherwise the bonus is assigned after the beginning of the next arena, which was not that nice and could also make SOLDIER bonuses useless).
* Fixed bug in laser beams initialization (which might cause erroneous collision detection).
* Updated manual.

Latest build download:
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