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Yep, memory expansions similar to the original ones back in the day are probably the most obvious use. Perhaps the simplest device you could make for each is based around the RTC or clock port:

- A500 trapdoor: Real-time clock. One chip and a few other components are all that's needed.
- A600 trapdoor: As above for the RTC, but also an A1200-style clock port should be possible using nothing but the required connectors and a board. This would enable the connection of various other peripherals.
- 68000 socket: Accelerators are more complicated, but fast RAM boards are simple enough. Simpler still is the addition of a clock port, though it's more complicated than the A600 trapdoor version because the A500 lacks some necessary signals. Reconstructing these signals (and dealing with the CPU bus) takes a few logic chips, but is simple enough.
- A500 side slot: Basically anything including all of above. A simple project is an add-on Zorro-II slot that lets you connect a Zorro card to the A500. Just requires one chip and a few other parts.

I think if you're looking to start designing peripherals however, perhaps have a look at something more straightforward, like a relay board for the parallel port or something like that. This should get your mind ticking over with possibilities without requiring too much in the way of dealing with RAM, chip selects and other such things.
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