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In a short sighted move Commodore used a 30 pin connector on the A600 instead of the 31 pin connector used for other Amiga keyboards. So the "row" selection signal for most of the numeric keypad group of keys is not available on the connector. Pin 31 on the A1200 is the Caps Lock LED signal and as this is still needed on the A600 it is shifted to pin 4, this is the pin used for most of the numeric keypad group on the A1200. They also used a different order for all the remaining "row" selection signals but the same set of pins. The columns and individually scanned keys use the same pins on both keyboards.

I don't know if they assigned a spare pin on the A600 keyboard controller and included the firmware to scan the non-existent numeric keypad or stripped them out.

I say it was a short sighted move to use a different connector as the saving can't have been much and including it would have allowed them to use the same motherboard in an "A900" with a full keyboard. One of the biggest criticisms of the A600 on release was the cut down keyboard. So it was no surprise that the A1200 went back to using a full keyboard. As others have shown it would have been possible for commodore to fit the A1200 in an A600 size case but the trapdoor expansion space would have been limited.
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