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Originally Posted by Gilbert View Post
Was anyone else disappointed with the A1200?
Yes. As with the A4000.

They didn't update all the chips. No 16-bit sound and no 64-bit blitter was a huge downer, as was no chunky screenmode.
They didn't make it (optionally) always-31KHz. Having mixed modes would forever make monitors a problem.
They didn't mandate harddrives as required. All machines should have shipped with one however small.
They didn't build it with fastmem. It could have been 1M+1M and gotten both speed and compatibility gains.
As for the 4000 it was not much different and still (non-DMA) IDE and a sluggish 68040.

It really was a stop-gap machine, but it felt so strange that it was leaning hard on the software side to fix up all the flaws (i.e. screenmodes) that was the least fixable when people killed off the OS.
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