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If the ADF is a non bootable disk (Regular Amigados formatted disk) then you will need a workbench setup loaded in order to run the disk.

Now going by your post, You know how to run Winuae, and have a Workbench to load ?
I do, but these disks can't be run from Workbench, the AF files only contains snapshots of spectrum games. An emulator is required, that's why i asked. Here is the content of the ReadMe TXT file inside the ADF disk 1 :

"Hello, and welcome to "Your Megalomanic Spectrum Collection"

This is hand crafted collection of 174 programs for
Spectrum emulators. It can be used on any emulator that
accepts Mirage Microdrive .SNA format compatible .SNAPSHOT
files. Some of these emulators are Spectrum 1.7/2.0 on Amiga,
ZX-AGA 1.3 on Amiga, KGB 1.3 on Amiga, JPP on IBM PC,
!Speccy on Acorn Archimedes, XZY V0.5 on Unix+X and
!MZX V1.0 on Acorn Archimedes.

Every file on this collection is checked, and includes
the full name, author/software company and release name,
if found from file. There should NOT be any dupes.
Note that the files use fully the Amiga-filenames, and
are quite longer than your normal IBM PC can handle.
Additionally many files use AmigaDOS Comment-option, with
some of mentioned information as Comment. I don't know
how other computer formats handle this, but since I
haven't been able to Comment Amiga-files on PC-formatted
disks, I guess they won't harm you.

Though the programs, or most of them, still have copyright,
much of them are nowadays freely distributable, as the
software companies have released their old Spectrum games
to the public. Wise move. Though I'm sure some of this
software still retains it's copyright/donotdistribute-flags,
I just can't believe anyone really cares about that anymore.
Who gets any income from selling mega-old Spectrum software
commercially anymore?

This is the Volume 1 release of "Your Megalomanic Spectrum
Collection", including 174 pieces of Spectrum software,
totalling 8.5 megabytes. Unfortunately for many of you,
more is coming. A huge load of about 38 megabytes of
archived and non-checked software is coming to me...
BEWARE! They will be released as updates to YMSC1, and
no piece of software on Vol1 will be found from the hugehuge
Vol2, or vice versa.

I simply say, ENJOY. I'd had many lovely moments with these
old games. Spectrum is just awesome computer. :-)
And on Amiga 1200/030 the games run just as fast as on
real Spectrum, though sounds still give something to hope

Flames, thanks etc. to:

Jukka O. Kauppinen / Grendel/Byterapers, Inc.
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