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I just foun this thread by having played the cute cracktro here :

I just downloaded the "Your Megalomanic Spectrum Collection - ADF [adf images instead of dsq].zip" file from the EAB FTP file server (folder "TheZone/files/_2014/") and tried the first disk "Spectrum Games Collection Disk 01.adf" in WinUAE. These are not bootable disk, an emulator is needed (cf the "ReadMe.txt" file in the ADF). Can someone light everyone how to run them on an Amiga ? I presume that a fast A1200 is required to have a good result, did someone tried ?

Btw, is there a floating ADF disk somewhere with the great Cyrus cracktro and games of pack 1 directly runable ?

I also saw that a WHDLoad of the pack 1 exists.
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