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where am i ?
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hi there.

it's been 11 years and god kmows how many hard drives but i'll see if i have the original samples somewhere.
they may be lost on my end though.
I never conciously archived them :/

as for recapturing the sound...
I always meant to but ended up not doing it since people were mostly fine with the first recording.

found the old sound package.

the "loud" files correspond to the 84 track set.
the "st" will be the original sound consisting of the same click over and over.
the clicks were all kept in a single sound file.

if you want I can dig up the old recording equipment and get you a sample of another drive.
I had given the amigas that I used to do this to a computer collector. but I still have my A2000
I just need some free time to dig it up, get it running, get a copy of d-copy (or similar) and get the recording stuff running. I don't have time for this weekend but I might be able to the next one.
what I had back then is long gone. i'm going to have to improvise with what I have now.

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