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What was said thus far:
  • Floppy reading sound should be based on 84+ different samples, rather than just one, as acustics change when the head moves across the disk.
  • A mono sample recording was made, and shared, all download links are now dead
  • The WinUAE code was made to support the 84 different samples (I think?), but only one is shipped by defaul, lest the EXE file will be to big.

My questions

Question 1: now, 10 years later, what's the status? Have someone managed to get the different samples in? Or is something similar emulated in software? Looking at /use/share/fs-uae/floppy_sounds/ folder on GNU/Linux, it looks (sounds?) like it's only a few subsets?

Question 2: does anyone have the 84 samples that were made, and posted in this thread 11 years ago?

Question 3: where can I find the source code that makes use of the floppy wav-sounds? I'd like to understand how I'd combine them together.
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